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"I highly recommend anyone working with MySQL in any capacity to pick up a copy of MySQL: The Complete Reference; it's the most thorough, easy to follow, well laid out book on the subject I've seen...every facet of MySQL is covered: system admin, table types and structure, data types, basic to advanced SQL WILL learn MySQL from this book!!" -- (read complete review)

"Overall this is a very complete reference book, of interest to different types of users of MySQL databases from database application developers to database administrators. The fact that it covers features introduced in MySQL 4 and more recent versions like ACID transactions, referential integrity, query result caching and sub-queries, makes it an excellent choice for people looking for an up to date MySQL book." -- (read complete review)

"...a very thorough book that would be a valuable addition to the library of any MySQL user" -- Mike Hillyer, (read complete review)

"Vikram Vaswani's book MySQL: The Complete Reference is a wonderful technical reference for this popular open-source database platform. It's comprehensive enough for seasoned MySQL users yet clear enough for the newcomer." -- Mike Chapple, (read complete review)

"The book is especially useful as a reference to MySQL's dialect of the SQL language. MySQL has grown up a lot in the last few years, so if you still think it doesn't have transactions or stored procedures (the latter aren't covered in this book, but have started appearing in more current releases) it might be time for another look." -- Mike Gunderloy, Developer Central

"Written for MySQL users, developers, and database administrators, this reference covers key features of MySQL and advanced topics such as replication and various programming APIs, provides a foundation for understanding the relational model, and covers essential topics for users and administrators who are familiar with Oracle or other database systems. Using tutorials and real-world examples, the book covers installation and configuration, usage, administration, and development. Prior knowledge of SQL and database fundamentals is not required." -- SciTech Book News

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